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  Luca Signorelli (c1450 - 1523) 
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Artists who influenced Luca Signorelli
Italian painter from Cortona, active in various cities of central Italy, notably Arezzo, Florence, Orvieto, Perugia, and Rome. According to Vasari, Signorelli was a pupil of Piero della Francesca and this seems highly probable on stylistic grounds, for his solid figures and sensitive handling of light echo the work of the master. Signorelli differed from Piero, however, in his interest in the repr ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Luca Signorelli

Sandro Botticelli

Moses's Testament and Death
(Sistine Chapel)

Assumption of Virgin with Saints Michael and Benedict
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)


Pietro Perugino

Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels
(National Gallery of Art)

Saints Augustine, Catherine of Alexandria and Anthony on Padua (Saint Agostino Altarpiece)


Piero della Francesca

Saints Catherine of Siena, Mary Magdalen and Jerome (Saint Agostino Altarpiece)

Holy Family with Zachariah, Elizabeth and Infant Saint John Baptist

Piero di Cosimo

Hugo van der Goes

Elderly Man

Seated Prophet

Edgar Degas