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  Claes Moeyaert (1591 - 1655) 
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Artists who influenced Claes Moeyaert
Claes Moeyaert belonged to the small group categorized as Pre-Rembrandtists. The group includes Pieter Lastman (c. 1583-1633), Jan Pynas (1581/2-1631) and his younger brother Jacob (1592/95-after 1656), their brother-in-law Jan Tengnagel (1584-1635), Lastman's brother-in-law François Venant (1590/91-1636), and Moeyaert. Moeyaert early works are a 'potpourri' of Lastman, Jacob Pynas, an ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Claes Moeyaert


Choice between Young and Old

Esau Selling Birthright to Jacob

Nicolaes Berchem

Pieter Lastman

Worship of Golden Calf

Triumph of Bacchus

Paulus Potter

Adam Elsheimer

Meeting of Jacob and Rachel

Laban Searching for Gods
(Detroit Institute of Arts)

Salomon Koninck

Paul Bril

Sacrifice of Manoah

Saint John Baptist Preaching in Wilderness

Salomon de Bray