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  Vicente Carducho (c1576 - 1638) 
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Artists who influenced Vicente Carducho
Vicente Carducho (c.1576-1638) was a Spanish painter and writer on art. He was a Florentine by birth (his name was originally Vincenzo Carducci), but he settled in Spain when he was 9, when his elder brother, Bartolomé Carducho (originally Bartolommeo Carducci, c.1560-1608), went to the Escorial in 1585 as assistant to Federico Zuccaro. Vincente was appointed a court painter in Madrid in 1609, and ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Vicente Carducho


Vision of Saint Antony of Padua

Death of Venerable Odón

Francisco de Zurbarán

Federico Zuccaro

Christ at Calvary

Vision of Saint Francis of Assisi
(Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest)

Giovanni Lanfranco

Juan Sanchez Cotán

Stigmatization of Saint Francis
(Museo Nacional de Escultura)

Stigmatization of Saint Francis
(Hospital de San Francisco de Asis)

Eustache Le Sueur

Bartolomé Carducho

Expulsion of Moriscos

Saint Jerome Hearing Trumpet
(Getty Museum)

Eugenio Cajés