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  Edwin Landseer (1802 - 1873) 
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Artists who influenced Edwin Landseer
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, RA was an English painter, well known for his paintings of animals, particularly horses, dogs and stags. The best known of Landseer's works, however, are sculptures: the lions in Trafalgar Square, London. Landseer was born in London, the son of the engraver John Landseer A.R.A. He was something of a prodigy whose artistic talents were recognised early on. He studied u ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Edwin Landseer

Peter Rubens

Queen Victoria on Horseback
(Royal Collection)

Isaac Van Amburgh with Animals
(Yale Center for British Art)

John Frederick Lewis

Benjamin Robert Haydon

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Princess Royal
(Royal Collection)

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Costume Ball
(Royal Collection)

Rosa Bonheur

Henry Fuseli

(Yale Center for British Art)

Newfoundland with Rabbit

Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

William Charles Ross

Hunting of Chevy Chase
(Birmingham Art Gallery)

Return from Stag Hunt

John Frederick Herring