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  Bernardino Poccetti (1548 - 1612) 
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Artists who influenced Bernardino Poccetti
Bernardino Poccetti, also known as Barbatelli, was an Italian Mannerist painter and printmaker of etchings. Born in Florence, he was initially trained as a decorator of facades and ceilings, enrolling in 1570 in the Florentine painters guild for such work, the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno. He is also referred to as: Bernardino Barbatelli or Bernardino delle Grottesche, delle Facciate, or delle ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Bernardino Poccetti

Albrecht Dürer

Saint Philip Benizzi Converting Two Wicked Women at Todi
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Crowned Male Figure
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Jacques Callot

Hendrick Goltzius

Deaths of Blessed Ugoccione and Sostegno
(Getty Museum)

Grand Duke of Tuscany
(British Museum)

Matteo Rosselli

Lucas Cranach the Elder

Standing Dominican
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Pietro da Cortona

Joannes Stradanus

Seated Angel
(National Gallery of Canada)
Rutilio Manetti