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 Lin Fengmian (1900 - 1991) 
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Artists who influenced Lin Fengmian
Lin Fengmian, originally Lin Fengming, was a Chinese painter and is considered a pioneer of modern Chinese painting for blending Chinese and Western painting styles. He was also an important innovator in the area of Chinese art education. Born in Mei County, Guangdong, like many of his peers, Lin partipicated in the Diligent Work and Economical Study, program, a work-study program in China during ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Lin Fengmian

Henri Matisse

Madame Snake White

Portrait of a Woman

Li Keran

Paul CÚzanne

Still Life

Fishing in Autumn

Zhu Dequn

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Tranquil Landscape

Tranquil Lake in Autumn

Amedeo Modigliani

Beauty Defies Tyranny

Opera Women