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  Antonio Tempesta (1555 - 1630) 
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Artists who influenced Antonio Tempesta
Italian painter, draughtsman and printmaker. Enrolled at the Accademia del Disegno in Florence on 8 December 1576, he was a pupil of Santi di Tito, then of Joannes Stradanus, with whom he worked under Giorgio Vasari on the interior decoration of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. He then went to Rome, where he again had links with artists from the Netherlands. He and Matthijs Bril were commissioned ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Antonio Tempesta

Joannes Stradanus

Man of Sorrows Surrounded by Saints
(British Museum)

Vision of Saint Eustace
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)


Santi di Tito

Saint Benedict's Arrival in Rome as Boy
(Fogg Museum)

Hercules and Cerberus (Metamorphoses 68)
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Peter Rubens

Bernaert van Orley

Latona Turning Lycian Peasants into Frogs (Metamorphoses 56)
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Arethusa Chased by Alpheus
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Johann Wilhelm Baur

Giorgio Vasari

Creation of Man (Metamorphoses 2)
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Death of Pentheus (Metamorphoses 30)
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Diego Velázquez