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  John Hoppner (1758 - 1810) 
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Artists who influenced John Hoppner
John Hoppner was an English portrait painter. Hoppner was born in Whitechapel, London, the son of German parents, his mother was one of the German attendants at the royal palace. King George's fatherly interest and patronage of the young boy gave rise to rumours, quite unfounded, that he may have been his illegitimate son. Hoppner became a chorister at the royal chapel, but, showing strong inc ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by John Hoppner

Thomas Gainsborough

John Pratt

Sarah and Catherine Bligh
(Frick Collection)

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Joshua Reynolds

Boxer Richard Humphreys
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Mrs. Williams
(Tate Gallery)

James Ward

Johann Zoffany

Princess Sophia
(Royal Collection)

Louisa Lane
(Yale Center for British Art)

Augustus Wall Callcott

Richard Cosway

Sarah Franklin
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Sleeping Nymph and Cupid
(Petworth House)

Henri-Pierre Danloux