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  Richard Ernst Artschwager (1923 - ) 
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Artists who influenced Richard Ernst Artschwager
Richard Artschwager is an American painter, illustrator and sculptor, born in 1923 in Washington, D.C. Artschwager is best known for his stylistic independence; however, he has associations with the Pop Art movement, Conceptual art and Minimalism. Richard Artschwager was born to European immigrant parents. His father, Ernst Artschwager, was a Protestant botanist born in Prussia, who suffered great ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Richard Ernst Artschwager

Marcel Duchamp

Cactus Scape, #1
(Fogg Museum)


Claes Oldenburg

Amédée Ozenfant

Destruction, #1

(Museum of Contemporary Art)

Apartment House