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  Clara Peeters (1594 - 1659) 
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Artists who influenced Clara Peeters
An important Flemish woman painter, who introduced the Dutch type of "Breakfast Piece" into Antwerp at a very early date. She was born in Antwerp but later moved to Amsterdam (in 1612) and The Hague (in 1617). She must have been precocious, as she signed and dated a painting in 1608 (private collection); others dated 1611 and 1612 are in Madrid (Prado) and Karlsruhe. The Prado picture and ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Clara Peeters

Osias Beert

Still Life with Cheese
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Still Life

Pieter Claesz
Still Life with Fish

Still Life with Fruit and Monkey

Jacob van Es
Still Life with Flowers and Goblets
(Staatliche Kunsthalle)

Still Life with Tart

Edward Ladell
Still Life with Gilt Cup

Still Life with Herring