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  Hans von Aachen (1552 - 1615) 
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Artists who influenced Hans von Aachen
Hans von Aachen, was a German mannerist painter. He was born in Cologne, but his name is derived from the birthplace of his father, Aachen in Germany. Other variations of the name include Johann von, and, von Achen and various concisions like Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Jean Dac, Aquano, van Aken etc. Hans von Aachen began painting in Germany as a pupil of the Flemish master E. Jerrigh. He then, lik ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hans von Aachen

Paolo Veronese

Allegory of Peace, Art and Abundance

Jupiter Abandons Venus for Minerva
(National Gallery)

Roelandt Savery

Jacopo Tintoretto

Triumph of Truth and Justice
(Alte Pinakothek)

Jupiter Embracing Antiope

Paul Bril


Tobias and Angel
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Joking Couple

Jan Muller


Portrait of Young Man

Minerva, Venus and Juno

Jan Sadeler I