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  Thomas Rowlandson (1756 - 1827) 
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Artists who influenced Thomas Rowlandson
It was said that the amount of copper Thomas Rowlandson etched would sheathe the British Navy. An inveterate gambler, for much of his life Rowlandson had to produce a flood of his comic prints to stay ahead of financial losses.A wealthy uncle and aunt raised Rowlandson after his textile-merchant father went bankrupt. His career developed quickly. He entered London's Royal Academy Schools in 17 ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Thomas Rowlandson

Thomas Gainsborough

Return of Fleet to Great Yarmouth after Defeat of Dutch in 1797
(Yale Center for British Art)

Traveling in France
(Yale Center for British Art)

Francisco de Goya

Peter Rubens

(Yale Center for British Art)

Viewing at Royal Academy
(Yale Center for British Art)

Julius Caesar Ibbetson

John Hamilton Mortimer

(Yale Center for British Art)

Woodcutter's Picnic
(Yale Center for British Art)

David Gilmour Blythe

Francis Wheatley

English Review
(Royal Collection)

Circus Hill
(Yale Center for British Art)

Henry William Bunbury