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  Hubert Von Herkomer (1849 - 1914) 
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Artists who influenced Hubert Von Herkomer
Sir Hubert von Herkomer CVO was a British painter of German descent. He was also a pioneering film-director and a composer. Though a very successful portraitist, especially of men, he is mainly remembered for his earlier works that took a realistic approach to the conditions of life of the poor. Hard Times, showing the family of a travelling day-labourer at the side of a road, is probably his best ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hubert Von Herkomer

Luke Fildes

Eventide Westminster Union
(Walker Art Gallery)

(Tate Gallery)

Vincent van Gogh

Frank Holl

George Taubman Goldie
(National Portrait Gallery)

Henry Tate
(Tate Gallery)

Fred Appleyard

Frederick Walker

Emilia Francis
(National Portrait Gallery)

Mandell Creighton
(National Portrait Gallery)

Angelo Morbelli

John Ruskin

(Royal Academy of Arts)

Dudley Willaims
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)