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  Victor Vasarely (1908 - 1997) 
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Artists who influenced Victor Vasarely
Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian–French artist whose work is generally seen as aligned with Op-art. His work entitled Zebra, created by Vasarely in the 1930s, is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of Op-art. Vasarely died in Paris in 1997. Vasarely was born in Pécs and grew up in Piestany and Budapest where in 1925 he took up medical studies at Budapest University. In 1927 he aba ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Victor Vasarely

Paul Klee

Altai, #3

Pal, #5

Bridget Riley

Piet Mondrian



Wassily Kandinsky

(Albright-Knox Art Gallery)

Dell Dell

Kazimir Malevich


Deuton MC (Homage to Hexagon)
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)