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  Naddo Ceccarelli (a1335 - a1362) 
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Artists who influenced Naddo Ceccarelli
Due to lack of historical or written sources, little is known of Naddo Ceccarelli or his work. Knowledge of his existence is based solely on two paintings signed by him, one of which is dated 1347, one year before the devastating plague. His signature also provides information concerning his origin in Siena. Stylistic comparison of the two paintings attributed to Ceccarelli permits the reconstruct ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Naddo Ceccarelli


Madonna and Child

Crucified Christ with Virgin and Saint John Evangelist
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Naddo Ceccarelli.

Simone Martini

Man of Sorrows
(Liechtenstein Museum)

Lippo Memmi