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  Jan Fyt (1611 - 1661) 
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Artists who influenced Jan Fyt
Jan Fyt became a Master in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke in 1629/30, shortly after he had begun working in the studio of Frans Snyders, the leading Flemish painter of hunting still-lifes. He remained there for a further two years but by 1633 he had moved to Paris, whence he travelled to Italy, working in Venice and Rome (where as a member of the 'Schildersbent' he went under the nickname ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan Fyt

Frans Snyders

Bird Concert

Still Life with Game
(Norton Simon Museum)

David de Coninck

Pieter Aertsen

Dogs and Wild Game

(Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

Abraham Hondius
Bittern and Ducks Startled by Dogs
(Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent)

Peacock and Other Birds in Landscape

Pieter Boel
Still Life with Fruit, Dead Game, Dog and Monkey

Vase of Flowers

Peeter Gysels