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  Floris van Dijck (c1575 - 1651) 
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Artists who influenced Floris van Dijck
Floris van Dijck was born in Delft around 1575. He lived for some years in Haarlem, where he became engaged in 1604. It is not known to whom he was apprenticed, but he certainly undertook a journey to Italy after his apprenticeship. Van Dijck was principally a painter of still-lifes, acclaimed for his natural depictions of flowers and plants. He was also a prominent figure in the Haarlem artists ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Floris van Dijck
Art​History​Reference has no artists who influenced Floris van Dijck.
Still Life with Cheese

Still Life with Cheeses

Pieter Claesz
Still Life with Fruit, Nuts and Cheese
(Frans Hals Museum)
Floris van Schooten
Roelof Koets