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  Jacob Matham (1571 - 1631) 
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Artists who influenced Jacob Matham
Jacob Matham, of Haarlem, was a famous engraver and pen-draftsman. He was the stepson and pupil of painter and draftsman Hendrik Goltzius, and brother-in-law to engraver Simon van Poelenburgh, having married his sister, Marijtgen. He made several engravings after the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens from 1611-1615, and also a series after the work of Pieter Aertsen. In 1613, engraver Jan van de Veld ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jacob Matham

Albrecht Dürer

Ball Scene
(Royal Collection)

Family of John Baptist Visiting Holy Family
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Peter Rubens

Hendrick Goltzius

Ill-Matched Couple
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Sibyl among Classical Ruins
(Courtauld Gallery)

Jan van de Velde II

Jacopo Tintoretto

Cavalier Handing Wine Glass to Lady
(Kunstsammlung der Universität)
Cornelis van Poelenburgh

Abraham Bloemaert
Jan Wildens