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  Walter Richard Sickert (1860 - 1942) 
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Artists who influenced Walter Richard Sickert
Walter Richard Sickert, born in Munich, Germany, was a painter and printmaker who was a member of the Camden Town Group in London. He was an important influence on distinctively British styles of avant-garde art in the 20th century. Sickert was a cosmopolitan and eccentric who often favoured ordinary people and urban scenes as his subjects. His oeuvre also included portraits of well-known personal ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Walter Richard Sickert

Edgar Degas

(Tate Gallery)

Young Belgian Women
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Francis Bacon

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Café des Tribunaux, Dieppe
(Tate Gallery)

Interior of Saint Mark's, Venice
(Tate Gallery)

Spencer Gore


Maple Street, London
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

George Moore
(Tate Gallery)

Charles Ginner

William Quiller Orchardson

Aubrey Beardsley
(Tate Gallery)

Israel Zangwill
(Scottish National Gallery)

Gerhard Richter