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  Alonso Cano (1601 - 1667) 
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Artists who influenced Alonso Cano
Spanish sculptor, painter, architect, and draughtsman, sometimes called "the Spanish Michelangelo" because of the diversity of his talents. He was born and died in Granada, and worked there and in Seville and Madrid. His movements were partly dictated by his tempestuous character, for more than once he fled or was expelled from the city he was working in (once for the suspected murder of h ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Alonso Cano

Diego Velázquez

Descent into Limbo
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Miracle at Well

José Antolínez

Francisco de Zurbarán

Dead Christ Supported by Angel

Vision of Saint Bernard

Juan Antonio Frias y Escalante

Francisco Pacheco

Dead Christ Held by Angel

Noli Me Tangere
(Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest)
Saint John Evangelist
(Musee du Louvre)

Vision of Saint John
(Wallace Collection)