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  Dieric Bouts (c1415 - 1475) 
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Artists who influenced Dieric Bouts
Bouts came from the Northern Netherlands. He would seem to have been born in Haarlem, but no documentation has survived to prove this. We know who his masters were, though the influence of Rogier Van der Weyden is so clearly visible that it seems likely he may have worked in Rogier's studio in Brussels. He married Katherina Van der Brugghen, the daughter of a rich Louvain family, no later than ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Dieric Bouts

Rogier van der Weyden

(Norton Simon Museum)

Execution of Innocent Count
(Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

Petrus Christus

Jan van Eyck

(Getty Museum)

Ordeal by Fire
(Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

Gerard David
Visitation (Infancy Altarpiece 2)

Annunciation (Infancy Altarpiece 1)

Quinten Metsys
Adoration of Magi (Infancy Altarpiece 4)

Nativity (Infancy Altarpiece 3)

Hugo van der Goes