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  Hans Baldung (c1484 - 1545) 
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Artists who influenced Hans Baldung
Hans Baldung Grien is a German artist in painting and printmaking who was considered the most gifted student of Albrecht Dürer. Throughout his lifetime, Baldung developed a distinctive style, full of color, expression and imagination. His talents are varied, and he produced a great and extensive variety of work from portraits, woodcuts, altarpieces, drawing, tapestries, allegories and mythologies. ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hans Baldung

Albrecht Dürer

Three Graces

Head of a Man

Salvator Rosa

Lucas Cranach the Elder



Hans Leu

Albrecht Altdorfer

Virgin as Queen of Heaven Suckling Infant Christ

Adam and Eve
(Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum)

Hercules Segers

Bernhard Strigel

Trinity and Mystic Pietà
(National Gallery)

Adoration of Magi (Three Kings Altarpiece 3)

Jacopo Ligozzi