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  Emile Gruppe (1896 - 1978) 
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Artists who influenced Emile Gruppe
Emile Albert Gruppé was an American painter born in Rochester, New York to Helen and Charles P. Gruppe. He lived the early years of his life in the Netherlands as his father Charles Paul Gruppe, painted with the Hague school of art and acted as a dealer for the Dutch painters in the US. The family returned permanently to the states around 1913 when rumblings of World War I were brewing. All of Emi ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Emile Gruppe

Claude Monet

Winter in Gloucester (Panorama of Gloucester)

Gray Day Gloucester

Bernard Corey

Anthony Thieme

Rockport Harbor

Gulls at Even Tide

Jane Peterson

Foggy Morning

Unloading Catch

Charles Hawthorne

Boats in Harbor

Birches, Vermont