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  Berthe Morisot (1841 - 1895) 
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Artists who influenced Berthe Morisot
Berthe Morisot was a painter and a member of the circle of painters in Paris who became known as the Impressionists. She was described by Gustave Geffroy in 1894 as one of les trois grandes dames of Impressionism alongside Marie Bracquemond and Mary Cassatt. In 1864, she exhibited for the first time in the highly esteemed Salon de Paris. Sponsored by the government, and judged by academicians, the ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Berthe Morisot

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

(Clark Art Institute)

Woman with Fan

Mary Cassatt

Edgar Degas

Hide and Seek

(Clark Art Institute)

Victoria Fantin-Latour

Claude Monet

Girl with Fan

Mother and Sister of Artist
(National Gallery of Art)

Édouard Manet

Young Woman with Cat

Tureen and Apple
(Denver Art Museum)