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 Domenichino (1581 - 1641) 
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Artists who influenced Domenichino
Domenico Zampieri was an Italian Baroque painter of the Bolognese School, or Carracci School, of painters. Domenichino was born at Bologna, son of a shoemaker, and there initially studied under Denis Calvaert. After quarreling with Calvaert, he left to work in the Accademia degli Incamminati of the Carracci where, because of his small stature, he was nicknamed Domenichino, meaning little Domenico ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Domenichino

Annibale Carracci

Rebuke of Adam and Eve
(National Gallery of Art)

Saint John Evangelist

Claude Lorrain

Guido Reni

Last Communion of Saint Jerome
(Vatican Pinacoteca)

Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s Vision of Christ
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Nicolas Poussin


Archery Contest of Diana and Nymphs
(Galleria Borghese)


Simon Vouet


Maiden and Unicorn
(Palazzo Farnese)

Sacrifice of Isaac

Edgar Degas