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  Pieter de Hooch (1629 - 1684) 
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Artists who influenced Pieter de Hooch
Pieter de Hooch (also spelled Hoogh, or Hooghe), Dutch genre painter of the Delft school, noted for his interior scenes and use of light. Hooch was a pupil of Nicolaes Berchem at Haarlem. From 1653 he was in the service of Justus de Grange and lived in Delft, The Hague, and Leiden. From 1654 to 1657 he was a member of the painters' guild of Delft, but after that date there are no traces of his ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Pieter de Hooch

Gerard ter Borch

Three Women and a Man in a Courtyard

Paying the Hostess
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Nicolaes Maes

Nicolaes Berchem

Courtyard of House in Delft

Woman with a Child in a Pantry

Jan Vermeer

Hendrik Sorgh

Leisure Time in Elegant Setting
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Gabriel Metsu

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout

Interior with Young Couple
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Woman Directing Young Man with Letter

Emanuel de Witte