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  Albert Pierre Marquet (1875 - 1947) 
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Artists who influenced Albert Pierre Marquet
Albert Marquet was a French painter, associated with the Fauvist movement. He initially became one of the Fauve painters and a lifelong friend of Henri Matisse. Marquet subsequently painted in a more naturalistic style, primarily landscapes, but also several portraits and, between 1910 and 1914, several female nude paintings. Marquet was born in 1875 at Bordeaux. In 1890 he moved to Paris to atten ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Albert Pierre Marquet

Henri Matisse

Notre Dame, Winter
(Pushkin Museum)

Pont Saint Michel, Paris
(Pushkin Museum)

Raoul Dufy

Paul Gauguin

Sergeant of Colonial Regiment
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Poissy, White Fence
(Norton Simon Museum)

Roderic O'Conor

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

Rainy Day, Notre Dame, Paris

View of the Seine and the Monument to Henry IV

Charles Camoin

Henri Fantin-Latour

Notre Dame, Paris

Saint Raphael, Terrace
(Norton Simon Museum)

Gustave de Smet