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  Girolamo Romanino (c1486 - c1560) 
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Artists who influenced Girolamo Romanino
Italian painter and draughtsman. The catalogue of his early works is controversial, owing to the intricate problem of his relationship with Altobello Melone. As a result of their prolonged association, which lasted almost a decade from c. 1508, a group of works is assigned sometimes to one artist, sometimes to the other. The Rabinowitz Triptych, the three fragments of which are today in three diff ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Girolamo Romanino

Albrecht Dürer

(Galleria dell'Accademia)

Christ Carrying Cross

Altobello Melone


(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Nativity (Brescia Altarpiece 3)
(National Gallery)

Moretto da Brescia


Saint Alexander (Brescia Altarpiece 2)
(National Gallery)

Saint Jerome (Brescia Altarpiece 4)
(National Gallery)

Giulio Campi

Sebastiano del Piombo

Saint Filippo Benizzi (Brescia Altarpiece 6)
(National Gallery)

Saint Gaudioso (Brescia Altarpiece 1)
(National Gallery)

Giovanni Cariani