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  Salomon de Bray (1597 - 1664) 
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Artists who influenced Salomon de Bray
Salomon de Bray was a Dutch Golden Age architect and painter. De Bray was born in Amsterdam, but established himself in Haarlem before 1617, where he is registered as being a member of the schutterij that year in the St. Adrian's cloveniers. He probably followed draftsmanship and painting lessons in the small academy started by Karel van Mander, Hendrick Goltzius and Cornelis van Haarlem, and ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Salomon de Bray


Samson with Jawbone
(Getty Museum)

Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Pieter Saenredam


Portrait of a Woman

David with Sword
(Getty Museum)

Jan de Bray

Frans Hals

Twins Clara and Aelbert de Bray
(Scottish National Gallery)

Supper at Emmaus

Paulus Bor

Hendrick Goltzius
Cesar van Everdingen