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  Ottmar Elliger I (1633 - 1679) 
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Artists who influenced Ottmar Elliger I
Ottmar Elliger painted still lifes of flowers and fruits. He studied with Daniel Seghers in Antwerp, then worked in Amsterdam c1660 before settling in Hamburg in 1666 and entering the service of the Great Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg in Berlin in 1670. more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ottmar Elliger I

Jan Davidsz. de Heem

Still Life with Flowers

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

Jacob van Walscapelle

Willem Kalf

Still Life with Lobster, Fruit and Nautilus Shell

Still Life with Flowers
(Ashmolean Museum)

Jacob Marrel

Swag of Fruit

Still Life with Flowers on Marble Ledge

Daniel Seghers

Still Life with Flowers and Butterfly

Swag of Fruit