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  Hendrik Mesdag (1831 - 1915) 
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Artists who influenced Hendrik Mesdag
Mesdag decided to become an artist in 1866, when already 35 years old. Before then he had worked in his fathers banking business and had drawn in his leisure time. To further his artistic training he moved to Brussels, where he was taught by the Dutch painter Roelofs. The sea became Mesdags primary subject. In 1869 he settled close to the coast in The Hague. The beach at Scheveningen was his favou ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hendrik Mesdag

Jacob Maris

Pinks in Breakers

Departure of Rescue Boat

George Hendrik Breitner

Willem Roelofs

Ships on Calm Sea

Fishing Boats near Shore

Giovanni Segantini

Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel

Fishing Boats near Coast

Setting Out to Sea

Harry Leith-Ross

Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch

Boats on Beach, Scheveningen

Return of Fishing Fleet

George Hitchcock