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  Diego Rivera (1887 - 1959) 
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Artists who influenced Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter who produced murals on social themes. He was born in Guanajuato and educated in Mexico City. He studied painting in Europe between 1907 and 1921. Rivera returned to Mexico in 1921 and became prominent in the countrys revival of mural painting. Believing art should serve working people and be readily available to them, he concentrated on creating large frescoes po ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Diego Rivera

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

Flower Day
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Flower Festival, Feast of Santa Anita
(Museum of Modern Art)

Thomas Hart Benton

Francisco de Goya

(Museum of Modern Art)

(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Rufino Tamayo

Paul CÚzanne

JosÚ Antonio Del Pozo

Open Air School
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Roberto Matta

Juan Gris

Lupe Marin
(Museo de Arte Moderno)

Self Portrait
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Jackson Pollock