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  Denijs van Alsloot (c1572 - c1626) 
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Artists who influenced Denijs van Alsloot
Daniel or Denis van Alslootwas a Flemish Baroque painter. Alsloot was born in Mechelen. He initially painted using the style of Gillis van Coninxloo, but after 1610 gradually developed a style of his own. This style can be seen in paintings such as The feast of the Ommegang and Procession to Mary at the Zavel in Brussels. At the beginning of the 17th century, in either 1600 or 1606, his career ros ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Denijs van Alsloot

Jan Brueghel the Elder

Feast of Our Lady of Forest

Carnival on Ice, Antwerp

Hendrik de Clerck

Gillis van Coninxloo

View of Abbey of Groenendael near Brussels

Winter Landscape
(Musee du Louvre)
Forest Landscape with Distant Castle
(Getty Museum)

Orpheus Charming Animals
Winter Landscape with Flight into Egypt

Cephalus and Procris