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  David de Coninck (c1644 - c1702) 
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Artists who influenced David de Coninck
David Koninck or David de Coninck, also known as Rammelaar was a Flemish painter of the Baroque period. David Koninck was born in Antwerp and studied there under Jan Fyt. After a few years in Paris, he staid in Rome from ca 1671 to 1694, where joined the Bentvueghels with the nickname Rammelaar. He is sometimes stated to have died in Rome in 1687; however, he returned to his home country and is la ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by David de Coninck

Jan Fyt

Game with Gun Dogs
(National Gallery)

Waterfowl Attacked by Dogs and Buzzard

François Desportes

Pieter Boel

Still Life with Fruit, Urn and Rabbits

Hounds with Game

Jean Baptiste Oudry
Still Life with Peacock, Rabbit and Turkey

Still Life with Fruit with Rabbits, Monkey and Figures
Still Life with Game and Hounds

Dog and Cat Fighting