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  Joos van Wassenhove (c1435 - c1480) 
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Artists who influenced Joos van Wassenhove
Justus van Gent, Justus or Jodocus of Ghent, or Giusto da Guanto was an Early Netherlandish painter who later worked in Italy. The public records of the city of Ghent have been diligently searched, but in vain, for a clue to the history of Justus or Jodocus, whom Vasari and Guicciardini called Giusto da Guanto. Flemish annalists of the 16th century have enlarged upon the scanty, unsourced statemen ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Joos van Wassenhove

Dieric Bouts

Calvary Triptych (center)
(Saint Bavo Cathedral)

Adoration of Magi
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Hugo van der Goes

Hubert van Eyck

(Musee du Louvre)

Communion of Apostles
(Galleria Nazionale delle Marche)

Pedro Berruguete
Calvary Triptych (left)
(Saint Bavo Cathedral)

Calvary Triptych (right)
(Saint Bavo Cathedral)

Giovanni Santi
Giorgio Vasari