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 Master of Frankfurt (c1460 - c1533) 
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Artists who influenced Master of Frankfurt
The Master of Frankfurt was a Flemish Renaissance painter active in Antwerp between about 1480 and 1520. Although he probably never visited Frankfurt am Main, his name derives from two paintings commissioned from patrons in that city, the Holy Kinship in the Frankfurt Historical Museum and a Crucifixion in the Städel museum. He is one of many anonymous artists identifiable by their painting style ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Master of Frankfurt

Rogier van der Weyden

Archery Festival
(Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp)

Saint Barbara (Lamentation Triptych 3)

Master of Holy Blood

Quinten Metsys

Saint Catherine (Lamentation Triptych 1)

Holy Family with Music Making Angels (Lamentation Triptych 2)
(Walker Art Gallery)

Hugo van der Goes

Holy Family with Angel Musician (Prado Triptych 2)

Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
(National Gallery of Art)

Joachim Patinir

Saint Barbara (Prado Triptych 3)

Saint Catherine (Prado Triptych 1)