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  Andries Cornelis Lens (1739 - 1822) 
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Artists who influenced Andries Cornelis Lens
Flemish painter, an artist with an international reputation, a representative of the neo-classical ideal. He visited Rome and was much taken with the ideas of Mengs and Winckelmann and returned to home to become the leader of a school. His paintings are the result of his study of antique and Italian masters, but also his reading of classical and biblical writings (Ariadne on Naxos, Brussels Museum ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Andries Cornelis Lens

Angelica Kauffmann

Hercules Protects Painting from Ignorance and Envy
(Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp)

Alexander Showing Mercy to Family of Darius

Guillaume Jacques Herreyns

Jacob van Strij

Anton Raphael Mengs

Guido Reni