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  Cornelis Engebrechtsz (1463 - 1533) 
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Artists who influenced Cornelis Engebrechtsz
Netherlandish painter, the leading artist of his day. He is thought to have trained in Brussels and seems to have returned home through Antwerp. Although his style shows the influence of the Italianate tendencies prevalent of Antwerp, Engelbrechtsz.s work has a deeper intensity of feeling that is Gothic rather than Mannerist in spirit. Contorted linear rhythms and resonant colouring characterize h ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Cornelis Engebrechtsz

Colijn de Coter

Crucifixion with Donors and Saints Peter and Margaret
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Christ Taking Leave of His Mother

Lucas van Leyden
Adoration of Magi (Norton Simon Triptych 2)
(Norton Simon Museum)

(Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent)

Jan Wellens de Cock
Saint Peter (Norton Simon Triptych 4)
(Norton Simon Museum)

Saint Paul (Norton Simon Triptych 5)
(Norton Simon Museum)

Aertgen van Leyden
Donor with Arrow (Norton Simon Triptych 3)
(Norton Simon Museum)

Saint Bartholomew and Donor (Norton Simon Triptych 1)
(Norton Simon Museum)