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  Hendrik van Minderhout (1632 - 1696) 
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Artists who influenced Hendrik van Minderhout
Dutch painter, active in the southern Netherlands. For unknown reasons, he was known as the ‘Green Knight of Rotterdam’. In 1644 he married Margareta van den Broecke, and in 1652 he went to Bruges, where in 1663 he entered the Guild of St Luke; the marine painting that he submitted to the Guild to become a member used to be displayed in the Salle d’Académie as a companion piece to the picture subm ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hendrik van Minderhout

Johannes Lingelbach

Handelskom at Bruges
(Groeninge Museum)

Levantine Harbor
(Sinebrychoff Art Museum)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Hendrik van Minderhout.

Jan Baptist Weenix

Mediterranean Harbor Scene

Levantine Harbor
(Groeninge Museum)

Andries van Eertvelt