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  Pieter Claeissens II (c1535 - 1623) 
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Artists who influenced Pieter Claeissens II
The family of Pieter Claeissens II monopolized official painting in Bruges with their enormous output in the late 16th century. The most important other members of the family are Pieter Claeissens I and brother Antoon Claeissens. Both sons were city painters at one time or another. All three painted in the same, rather wooden and stereotyped manner. They continued the local tradition that derived ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Pieter Claeissens II

Pieter Pourbus

Allegory of 1577 Peace in Low Countries
(Groeninge Museum)

(Sint Salvatorskathedraal)

Antoon Claeissens

Adriaen Isenbrandt