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  Jan de Bisschop (1628 - 1671) 
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Artists who influenced Jan de Bisschop
Dutch draughtsman and etcher. He was a lawyer by profession and a skilled amateur draughtsman. At the Amsterdam Latin school his teacher was the humanist Hadrianus Junius (1511–75), under whose supervision he wrote a poem about the Atheneum Illustre and Collegium Auriacum in Breda, published by Johannes Blaeu in 1647. From 1648 to 1652 he read law at Leiden University. In 1653 he married Anna van ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan de Bisschop

Annibale Carracci

Woman in Sixteenth Century Costume
(Fogg Museum)

(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Jacob van der Ulft

Bartholomeus Breenbergh

Schiedam Gate, Delft
(Amsterdam Museum)


Willem van Mieris


Hilly Landscape with Fortified Town

Apollo Belvedere; Gaul and Wife (studies)

Adriaen van der Werff

François Perrier

Four Classical Sculptures (study)

Trees and Undergrowth

Wallerant Vaillant