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  Jacopo da Pontormo (1494 - 1557) 
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Artists who influenced Jacopo da Pontormo
A painter and draftsman, Jacopo Pontormo was the leading artist in mid-16th-century Florence and one of the most original and extraordinary of the Mannerists. Pontormo enjoyed the patronage of the de’ Medici family throughout his career but, unlike Agnolo Bronzino and Giorgio Vasari, he did not become a court painter. Indeed, his subjective style of portraiture did not lend itself well to state po ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jacopo da Pontormo

Albrecht Dürer

(Getty Museum)

Virgin with Saint Anne and Four Saints
(Musee du Louvre)

Agnolo Bronzino


Maria Salviati

Cosimo il Vecchio

Francesco Bacchiacca

Andrea del Sarto

Alessandro de' Medici
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Joseph with Jacob in Egypt
(National Gallery)

Francesco Salviati

Leonardo da Vinci

Venus and Cupid
(Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze)

Monsignor della Casa
(National Gallery of Art)

Michele Tosini