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  Andrea Mantegna (1431 - 1506) 
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Artists who influenced Andrea Mantegna
Andrea Mantegna was an Italian painter, a student of Roman archeology, and son in law of Jacopo Bellini. Like other artists of the time, Mantegna experimented with perspective, e.g., by lowering the horizon in order to create a sense of greater monumentality. His flinty, metallic landscapes and somewhat stony figures give evidence of a fundamentally sculptural approach to painting. He also led a w ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Andrea Mantegna

Fra Filippo Lippi

Adoration of Magi
(Getty Museum)

Adoration of Shepherds
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Albrecht Dürer

Piero della Francesca

Holy Family with Saints Elizabeth and John Baptist
(Kimbell Art Museum)

Descent into Limbo


Jan van Eyck

Adoration of Magi

Julius Caesar on Chariot (Triumphs of Caesar 9)
(Royal Collection)

Giovanni Bellini

Andrea del Castagno

Virgin of Victory
(Musee du Louvre)

Bearers of Trophies and Bullion (Triumphs of Caesar 3)
(Royal Collection)

Peter Rubens