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  Fra Filippo Lippi (c1406 - 1469) 
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Artists who influenced Fra Filippo Lippi
Fra' Filippo Lippi, O.Carm., also called Lippo Lippi, was an Italian painter of the Italian Quattrocento. Lippi was born in Florence to Tommaso, a butcher, and his wife. If his birth name was different, it is no longer recorded. Both his parents died when he was still a child. Mona Lapaccia, his aunt, then took charge of the boy. In 1420 he was admitted to the community of Carmelite friars of ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Fra Filippo Lippi

Rogier van der Weyden

Madonna and Child with Two Angels

Annunciation with Donors
(Palazzo Barberini)

Andrea Mantegna

Jan van Eyck

Coronation of Virgin

Saint Jerome in Desert with Saints John and Ansanus
(Fogg Museum)

Sandro Botticelli


Virgin of Annunciation
(Frick Collection)

Madonna and Child with Stories from Life of Saint Anne
(Pitti Palace)

Leonardo da Vinci


Angel of Annunciation
(Frick Collection)

(Alte Pinakothek)