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  Paolo Uccello (c1397 - 1475) 
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Artists who influenced Paolo Uccello
Florentine painter whose work attempted uniquely to reconcile two distinct artistic styles - the essentially decorative late Gothic and the new heroic style of the early Renaissance. Probably his most famous paintings are three panels representing "The Rout of San Romano" (mid-1450s). His careful and sophisticated perspective studies are clearly evident in "The Flood" (1447-48). By ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Paolo Uccello


View (Battle of San Romano 1)
(National Gallery)

View (Battle of San Romano 3)
(Musee du Louvre)

Albrecht Dürer

Gentile da Fabriano

View (Battle of San Romano 2)

Young Lady of Fashion
(Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)

Piero della Francesca


Hunt in Forest
(Ashmolean Museum)

(Santa Maria Novella)

Andrea Mantegna


Saint George and Dragon
(National Gallery)

John Hawkwood
(Cathedral of Florence)

Andrea del Castagno