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 Domenico Veneziano (c1410 - 1461) 
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Artists who influenced Domenico Veneziano
We know very little about the life and work of this painter; and even Vasari knew very little, so that he filled his biography of Domenico with complicated theories and colourful anecdotes. Vasari not only recounts the invented story of Domenico being murdered by Andrea del Castagno (actually Andrea died before Domenico), but also praises Veneziano as the artist who first introduced oil painting t ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Domenico Veneziano

Fra Angelico

Sacred Conversation (Saint Lucy Altarpiece 1)

Adoration of Magi

Piero della Francesca


Madonna and Child
(National Gallery of Art)

Martyrdom of Saint Lucy (Saint Lucy Altarpiece 6)

Andrea del Castagno

Gentile da Fabriano

Saint Francis Receiving Stigmata (Saint Lucy Altarpiece 2)
(National Gallery of Art)

Saint John in Desert (Saint Lucy Altarpiece 3)
(National Gallery of Art)



Annunciation (Saint Lucy Altarpiece 4)
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Saint Zenobius Performs Miracle (Saint Lucy Altarpiece 5)
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Neri di Bicci