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  Reynolds Beal (1867 - 1951) 
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Artists who influenced Reynolds Beal
Born in New York City, Reynolds Beal became a prominent East Coast marine and landscape painter. He had a keen interest in yachting and did numerous maritime subjects. He studied naval architecture at Cornell University and painting at William Merritt Chase's Shinnecock Summer School. His younger brother was Gifford Beal, and supported by family money, Reynolds traveled and painted widely incl ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Reynolds Beal

Childe Hassam

Ata-Du-Sills Mill, Stonington
(Florence Griswold Museum)

Beach Ponies
(Phillips Collection)

Gifford Beal

William Merritt Chase

Deacon Palmers Shipyard, Noank
(Florence Griswold Museum)

Griswold, New London
(Florence Griswold Museum)

Hermann Dudley Murphy
Rockport Harbor

Sailing in Caribbean
Noank From Masons Island

Wallace Brothers Circus