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  Peter Faes (1750 - 1814) 
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Artists who influenced Peter Faes
The late eighteenth-century Flemish flower and fruit painter Peter Faes was born in the small town of Meir near Hoogstraten, north of Antwerp. He trained at the Antwerp Academy, and in 1791 was listed as a deacon in that city's Guild of St Luke. Like Jan Frans van Dael, Jan Frans Eliarts, and a few other flower painters active in Flanders and Paris who were his most talented contemporaries, Fa ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Peter Faes

Jan van Huysum

Flowers by Stone Vase
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Flowers in Vase
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Jan Frans van Dael
Flowers in Vase and Fruit on Ledge

Flowers in Sculpted Urn with Bird's Nest
Flowers in Urn

Floral Still Life
Floral Still Life