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  Paul Cadmus (1904 - 1999) 
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Artists who influenced Paul Cadmus
Born in New York City, he is a figure artist whose preferred medium was egg tempera and his subjects are usually male figures treated satirically. He is especially known for a series called "Subway Symphony," depictions of disagreeable types of city people. As an artist, he was dedicated to keeping figurative work alive in the face of total abstraction and non-objective painting. He studie ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Paul Cadmus

Reginald Marsh

Bar Italia
(Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Fleet's In
(U.S. Naval Historical Center)

George Tooker

Joseph Pennell

To Lynching
(Whitney Museum)

Male Nude

Jared French

Kenneth Hayes Miller

Notturno, Bologna

YMCA Locker Room

Peter Saul
Going South

Two Boys on Beach