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  Cornelis van der Voort (c1576 - c1624) 
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Artists who influenced Cornelis van der Voort
Cornelis Van der Voort is thought to have studied with Cornelis Ketel (1548-1616). His own students included David Bailly (1584-1657?), Pieter Luyx (who began his studies in 1607) and Dirk Harmensz. (d. 1640). Although very little is known about Van der Voort’s early life, he probably came from a family of painters as there was a Cornelis van der Voort in the guild of Utrecht in 1569 and another i ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Cornelis van der Voort

Cornelis Ketel

Portrait of a Man
(Worcester Art Museum)

Portrait of a Woman
(Worcester Art Museum)

Dirck Hasselaer

Brechtje Overrijn van Schoterbosch

Thomas de Keyser
Maria Florianus

Pieter Merchijs

Pieter Codde
David Bailly